Phase Two Chemicals.

Our vision for sustainability.

At Phase Two Chemicals, we’re at the forefront of clean chemistry, pioneering on-site hydrogen peroxide production through our groundbreaking electrolytic synthesis technology. Our team, a blend of expert electrochemists, product developers, and scientists, collaborates closely with industry giants to bring this innovative solution to market. By challenging the traditional manufacturing and distribution models, our on-demand electrolyzer not only aims to slash production costs but also addresses the significant safety and logistical challenges tied to the transport of high-concentration hydrogen peroxide. We’re not just changing the way hydrogen peroxide is produced; we’re setting a new standard for the entire chemical industry.

Our team.

Learn about the seasoned professionals and innovators, combining over 70 years of experience from global energy companies, chemical industries, and top universities, now leading the charge in electrochemical advancements.


Our founders.

Explore the path of our founders, from doctoral studies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, to leading a global force in the electrochemical sector.

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