Reengineering the electrolytic process.

Innovative on-site production finally made possible.

For decades, the quest for on-site hydrogen peroxide production has faced formidable challenges. Past attempts grappled with sky-high capital and operational expenses, resulting in a frustrating lack of commercial success. Enter Phase Two Chemicals, where innovation meets efficiency. Our cutting-edge process has cracked the code, delivering electrochemical excellence that not only rivals but outpaces the conventional anthraquinone oxidation process. Get ready for a paradigm shift in hydrogen peroxide production!

Cutting edge technologies.

Fueling our revolutionary success is an extensive journey of research and development spearheaded by our visionary founders. Phase Two Chemicals has propelled electrocatalysis, electrode design, and stack architecture to new heights through innovation. This fusion of cutting-edge technologies empowers an exceptionally efficient electrolytic synthesis of hydrogen peroxide, setting us apart as trailblazers in the industry.

Innovative Phase Dispersion Electrode
Advanced stack design

Safe. Scalable. Minimal footprint.

Embracing on-site production eradicates the variables of shipping, handling costs, and safety concerns associated with high concentration hydrogen peroxide. Our production modules, with 1.5 dry MT/day capacity, have the footprint of a 40-foot shipping container. Scalability is at your fingertips, as additional modules can effortlessly augment capacity. Conversely, for more modest requirements, our system supports turndown ratios of up to 4:1. Flexibility meets efficiency in our innovative approach.

Phase Two Chemicals, Inc. electrozlers

The system uses only water, oxygen*, electricity, and caustic soda to produce H2O2.

* For customers without O2 on site, generators can be provided by Phase Two Chemicals.


Up to 3.6% H2O2 in 8.5% NaOH (fixed H2O2:NaOH ratio in product of 1:2.3-2.4).

The system consumes water, oxygen, and electricity to make hydrogen peroxide.

Phase dispersion electrode technology.

Our team has designed an advanced electrochemical stack for optimized delivery of gas and liquid reactants for the two-phase electrochemical reaction. This innovation greatly improves the efficiency of the stack, achieves the goals of miniaturization of on-site hydrogen peroxide production equipment and enhanced energy efficiency, and provides an efficient and energy-saving solution for electrochemical production of hydrogen peroxide.

The complete system utilizes PLC control technology with remote operation modules, enabling equipment status monitoring and operation by Phase Two Chemicals personnel. The system is also equipped with comprehensive safety shutdown interlocks. Maintenance personnel can quickly troubleshoot issues and restore the operating status of the equipment in the shortest possible time. This design not only enhances the convenience of equipment operation but also ensures the safety and reliability of the production process.

Leading the charge for green chemical production.

Our technology consumes only water, oxygen, and electricity to make hydrogen peroxide without any hazardous byproducts. Every ton of H₂O₂ produced by Phase Two Chemical’s equipment reduces carbon emissions by up to 2.5 tons.

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