Reengineering the electrolytic process.

On-site production finally made possible.

On-site production of hydrogen peroxide has been attempted for several decades. However, high capital and operating costs due to poor electrochemical performance led to unsuccessful commercialization. Phase Two Chemicals’ electrolyzer finally fulfills the electrochemical performance needed to be cost competitive with the conventional anthraquinone oxidation process.

Advanced electrochemical stack

Our groundbreaking performance is the result of years of research and development efforts led by company founders. Phase Two Chemicals has made substantial advancements in electrocatalysis, electrode design and manufacturing, and stack architecture, which together enable highly efficient electrolytic synthesis of hydrogen peroxide.

Innovative air electrode
Advanced stack design

Safe. Scalable. Minimal footprint.

On-site production completely eliminates the shipping and handling costs and safety challenges with high concentration hydrogen peroxide. Production modules with 1.3MT/day production capacity are the size of a 40-foot sea can. Capacity can be increased with additional modules, and smaller needs may be met by reducing the number of stacks within a module.

Advanced Stack Design

water / oxygen / electricity / alkali hydroxide (caustic soda)


alkali hydrogen peroxide

The system consumes water, oxygen, and electricity to make hydrogen peroxide. Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) is not consumed but is a co-reactant in the system. For 1 ton of produced hydrogen peroxide, 2.4-2.5 tons of caustic soda are needed. The produced solution is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and caustic soda with a 1:2.4-2.5 weight ratio, with hydrogen peroxide concentrations of up to 3.5%. Caustic potash (potassium hydroxide) can be substituted for sodium hydroxide if desired.

How much cleaner can you get?

Our environmentally benign technology only consumes oxygen from the air, water, and electricity to produce hydrogen peroxide, without any hazardous byproducts.

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